PDCC Bank Top Up Home Loan

Top Up Home Loan

1 Interest Rate Current home loan interest rate + 1%
2 Limit Maximum-10 Lakh
3 stratified term Maximum-10 Years
4 Top up loan reason Home renovation, Vehicle purchase, Education expenses, Medical expenses,
Son/Daughter marriage function, Overdue cash credit card payment, Business loan, etc.
5 Loan Eligibility To determine the eligibility of the top up borrower, the current valuation of the borrower’s property,
current income of the borrower, repayment capacity of the borrower, etc. should be taken into consideration.
6 Other expected expenses Processing fee, search fee, Assessment fee, Insurance premium, Stamp duty,
Registration fee, etc. expenses will have paid by the applicant

Other conditions:
1. Before availing the loan, the applicant has fulfilled the responsibility of 20% of the amount should.
2. The value of the immovable property arising out of the said loan should be insured against fire and other perils and the insurance policy should be sold to the bank or the insurance policy should be taken in the joint name of the bank and the borrower.The responsibility of the borrower is that the insurance policy should be continuously renewed and submitted to the bank till the loan of the bank and the borrower should give the guarantee letter to the bank.

If top up loan is given to bank account holders and bank servants on home loan, the bank loan may increase



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