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Dear Cardholder,

Congratulations! and on behalf of Pune District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd, we welcome you to the ATM services offered by our bank, the most modern form of cash is now yours. Pune District Central Co-operative Bank has launched Rupay Debit Card in association with NPCI. You can now conveniently avail anywhere, anytime 24 hour banking services as well as do hassle-free shopping. The guidelines for usage of card is mentioned in the User Guide and Terms and Conditions Document. First usage of the card at our ATM or any other Bank's ATM amounts to your acceptance of the terms & conditions mentioned in the User Guide and the Terms & Condition Document. Looking forward to a long and valuable relationship.

Rupay Debit Card User Guide

Guidelines/ Safety Tips:
  • Read the User Guide and instructions given in PIN Mailer carefully.
  • Sign on the signature panel given on the back of the card as soon as you receive it to prevent misuse.
  • Enter your PIN, memorize it and destroy the Pin Mailer after your very first transaction at own bank ATM.
  • Keep your PIN secret and do not disclose it to anybody, including a family member or your banker.
  • Avoid taking help from strangers in the ATM room.
  • Never let anyone see you enter your PIN.
  • Never write your PIN on your card.
Taking Care of your Rupay Debit Card:
  • Keep your card safely.
  • Do not keep your card unattended.
  • The reverse of your card has a magnetic stripe, which should not be exposed to sunlight, electronic devices (T.V.) and gadgets.
  • Do not scratch the magnetic stripe of your card.
  • Do not keep two ATM cards together with their magnetic stripes facing each other.
  • Do not bend your card.
Do You Know?
  • You can make cash withdrawal within few seconds from various ATMs across India and at any time.
  • You can print mini statement of the last few transactions of your account through ATM.
  • You can check your account balance on ATM.
  • You can shop at various Merchant Establishments displaying RuPay logo.
Cash withdrawals at ATM:

Step 1: Insert your card into the ATM at the slot indicated. If the ATM is a dip card ATM, dip the card in the slot and take it back. In case of motorized card reader, card will be retained in the ATM till the transaction is completed.

Step 2: Choose your language from the list.

Step 3: Enter your 'Personal Identification Number’ (PIN); ATM will direct you to the next step of your transaction.

Step 4: Choose your option from the list. (Cash withdrawal,PIN change, Balance Inquiry and Mini statement etc.)

Step 5: If you do not wish to do further transactions, collect your card. The card should be collected as soon as it is ejected. or else it will be retained by the ATM. In such event, contact the ATM linked branch or card issuing branch.

Using RuPay Debit Card at Merchant Establishments: (Subject to availability of service from Bank):

Step 1: Present your card to the Merchant Establishment displaying RuPay logo for making payments.

Step 2: The merchant inserts or swipes your card at POS terminal and enter the amount of your purchase.

Step 3: The merchant provides a PIN pad, where you will have to enter your PIN. The PIN used in ATM to withdraw money should be used at Merchant Establishments.

Step 4: POS terminal will process the transaction and charge slip will be printed.

Step 5: Verify the amount on the charge slip and sign on the merchant copy.

Step 6: The merchant will return the customer copy of the charge slip and your card.

KnowYour RuPay Debit Card:


1. Debit Card Number: This is your unique 16 digit card number. Please quote this number in all your correspondences / communications with the Bank.

2. Card holder's Name: Only you are authorized to use your card. Please check to see that you’re Card has been correctly indent printed.

3. Validity: The card is valid until the last day of the month of the year indicated on the card.

4. RuPay Logo: Any merchant establishment and ATM displaying RuPay logo should accept your Rupay Debit Card in India.


1. Magnetic Stripe: Important information pertaining to Rupay Debit Card is enclosed here. Protect your card from scratches or exposure to magnets or magnetic fields as it could damage the data on the magnetic stripe.

2. Signature Panel : Please sign on the signature panel immediately after receipt of you're card by non-erasable ball point pen(preferably in bank link.)

3. Card Validation Data 2(CVD2): The CVD2 number helps you to perform e-commerce transactions.


So instead of keeping that gold jewellery, coins, bars or biscuits lying ideal in your locker, you sure could use them to meet those cash contingencies.

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