PDCC Bank Long Term Loan


Pdcc Bank offers a range of agriculture loans. Investment credit leads to capital formation through asset creation. It induces technological upgradation resulting in increased production, productivity and incremental income to farmers and entrepreneurs. It is intended to create income generating assets in the following sectors like Artisans, small scale industries, Non-Farm Sector (Small and Micro Enterprises), handicrafts, handlooms, powerlooms, etc.


  • Simplified documentation.
  • Easy and convenient loan.
  • The loan amount is unlimited for established farmers or farmers with proven financial track records.
  • Quick processing.
  • You can get finance for both your capital outlay and initial production costs.

Documents Required

  • Land Extracts.
  • Aadhar card.
  • You need to supply business plans, budgets and cash flow forecasts to support the loan application and to substantiate the loan amount required.
  • Any other documents required by the Bank.

Terms And Conditions

  • Terms and conditions of the scheme are subject to revision, for details contact nearest branch.

Interest Rates

Interest Rates

Sr.No Loan Type Society Level
1 Upsa jalchinan, Poultry, Sheep, Buff low Rearing 10.00%
2 Grape Farm, Rose (Composite Farm) Fruit Farm, Anjeer Plantation 10.00%


So instead of keeping that gold jewellery, coins, bars or biscuits lying ideal in your locker, you sure could use them to meet those cash contingencies.

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